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"Our community has been transformed by MKE GAMMA's social, recreational, and cultural events. They truly bring people together and create unforgettable memories." 

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Transforming Milwaukee community through social events

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Unforgettable Moments in Milwaukee

Milwaukee GAMMA was organized in the Summer of 1976 as an alternative to the Milwaukee gay bar scene as a friendly place to meet and interact with other gay members.  Volleyball, softball, and flag football were the focus during the summer and fall, while indoor activities like card games, board games, and pot-luck house parties occupied the winter months.  Originally GAMMA was a acronym and stood for Gay Athletic Milwaukee Men's Association. The athletic focus is no longer present.  Throughout the 45+ year history, the organization has responded to member needs by modifying its service offerings.  MKE-GAMMA is now focused on delivering a variety of social, recreational, and cultural offerings that appeal to its diverse membership.  There are regular monthly events such as Dining Out, Fish n Sip, Lunch Bunch, Card game nights, Hikes and FrontRunners.  Additionally, other special, one-time events like Theater Outings, Holiday Parties, Harbor Boat Cruises, Painting Parties, Museum Outings and House Parties are also offered.  

The website offers a good sampling of past and future events.  Take a look around and if you can see your participation in the events, please consider joining.  Membership rates are intended to be affordable to all.  

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