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About Us

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Celebrating Over 45 Years of Social Events

Milwaukee GAMMA celebrates over 45 years of social, recreational, and cultural events within the Milwaukee and Southeast Wisconsin community. We strive to bring people together and create a positive impact in the city. 

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Who We Are

Milwaukee GAMMA organization was established as a friendly place to meet and interact with other gay members.  With a roster of 80 members, event attendance varies from a few participants to 30-40 people.  There are regular monthly events and other special, one-time events.   A typical month will have 15-20 events planned.  Each event is 'hosted' by a member, and they are the primary contact and organizer for that event.  Guests are welcome. 

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What We Do

Milwaukee GAMMA delivers a variety of social, recreational, and cultural offerings throughout each month of the year.  The regular monthly events are Dining Out, Fish n Sip, Lunch Bunch, Card game nights, Hikes and FrontRunners.  The other special, one-time events are Theater Outings, Holiday Parties, Harbor Boat Cruises, Painting Parties, Museum Outings and House Parties.  All events are listed in the monthly newsletter and posted elsewhere.  RSVP's are requested to the hosts to allow for event planning. 

Board of Directors

The MKE-Gamma Board of Directors consists of 7 members with a President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and 3 at-large positions.  Board Members for the 2024 year are listed below.

Jack Serwe

Roger Kocher

Paul Masterson

Erico Ortiz

Randy Reddemann

Joe Drinka



Vice President 



Member-at-Large & Membership



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Consider Joining

MKE-GAMMA is a membership and dues-based organization.  Individual dues are $40 per year while couples join for $60.  July starts the yearly dues cycle.  Newsletters are the main information source, along with this website, for event notifications.  Guests are welcome to join any function for two visits before becoming a paid member.  There is only one class of membership. Please reach out to any board member with membership questions or submit your membership form and payment below.

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